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433_3015505We are happy to give you a grooming estimate over the phone, however, we need to ask you some important questions about your pet. Please tell us about the temperament of your dog, the breed, weight, age, coat condition, grooming history and pet trim you would like.

Pet owners should be aware that mobile grooming is especially beneficial for older dogs and/or dogs with health issues as our pets are never crate dried or interact with other pets. Because your dog is groomed in your driveway, time spent away from home is at a minimum. You also have the added convenience of not having to make two trips to the grooming shop.

To ensure the safety of every pet, we ask our clients to advise us of any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies or health issues. Updated vaccinations are required for each dog. All About Pets is interested in any information you can offer us about your pet so we can get to know them better and make their first grooming experience with us a positive one.

All About Pets Mobile Grooming accepts cash and personal checks.

Mobile pet care salons are the  preferred choice of today's busy professionals. With today's hectic lifestyles it has become harder to meet all the family needs.

We will ease your burden by providing the care you want and the care your pet deserves, in a fully equipped state-of-the-art van at your home or office by appointment.

Your pet will be groomed with exclusive time and attention using all natural products.  Your pet will receive less stress, avoid cages and exposure to other animals, resulting in your pet having a calmer and more relaxed attitude.

Bath and Brush Plus:
The Bath and Brush Plus service includes a massaging bath, with an all natural shampoo and conditioner, suited to the pets skin and coat type. The pet is then hand dried with a velocity-style hand-held hairdryer. The pads of the feet and the sanitary area are then shaved, if needed. The nails are trimmed, the ears are cleaned and the teeth brushed. Bows and/or a bandana scarf, and a light conditioning spray are then applied.

Styling Service:

 The full Styling Service includes all of the Bath and Brush Plus package, as well as a full-body hair style and trim, suited to your preference. 

Upgrades and Add-Ons:

  • Tick Removal (free, unless infested. Then $10 per hour)
  • De-Skunking Odor Treatment $25. For an emergency De-Skunking $50+ (subject to availability.)
  • Flea Eradication using an all-natural flea shampoo, free.
  • 3rd Bath: This When The Dog Is Extremely Dirty (Rolled In Who Knows What) $10.00